Advanced Massage For Men

Highly-skilled & Knowledgeable in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, CA 95405

Advanced Bodywork Skills & Intuitive Massage. Your session is shaped from your choice of a wide selection of styles

Full Body Stretches

Every Joint Articulated.

Each limb, trunk, spine, neck, hands, feet is articulated and
stretched to its
resilient edge of resistence

Request a
Structural Session
With Full-Body

Your body will be fluid and pain-free for days afterwards.

And, I teach you how to not hurt yourself by showing you
how to prevent injuries and avoid pain-inducing patterns.

20% Stretching

Generally, clients with flexibility challenges, or plagued with soreness & stiffness, benefit from 20% of the session dedicated to stretching.

80% - 100% Stretching

Those living with polio, MS Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy benefit when more than 50% of the session time is spent stretching.

Deep Tissue

As Deep as Needed.

Many request it.
Some don't need it.
My Deep Tissue
is done Your Way.

Request a
Structural Session
Deep Tissue

Have you been injured by other practitioners in the past?

When you ask for Deep Tissue you are asking for more than your muscles to be massaged.

You are asking to have the connective tissue, the white stuff you see in a cut of beef steak, to be stretched, torn, shredded, reshaped.

By letting me know how much of your range-of-motion you would like restored in that day's session,
for example, perhaps you might have injured a limb awhile back—and would like to see an improvement from 10% up to nearly 100%—we can discuss how that might feel during the session, and what it might feel like in the days thst follow.

You decide how quickly you want your body working at its best.

Using leverage,
sometimes I will work beside the table, on the table,
standing on you,
and at times even leaning my full weight on you.

I go deep.


Your Intentions Are Honored

All sessions are therapeutic ...
and you can specify
what you need and want,
and how you like to be touched.

Request a
Structural Session
with Therapeutic


I offer a full-body massage that comes from my heart with unconditional attention and devotion to you and your needs. 

Your entire body is squeezed and kneaded.  You'll melt on the table.  My strokes will have no beginning or end, your mind will wander into a trance.  Whatever you are comfortable with will be brought into the session.

Emotional Touch Therapy

I use a combination of touch & talk therapies to help people overcome deeply rooted emotional issues related to Abandonment, Anger, Addiction, and Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional).
Through touch and massage I help you to overcome fears and destructive patterns.  Ideal for people referred by their psychotherapist, life coach, spiritual advisor, or in a recovery program.

Pain-Relief Session

Get Relief - Today!

Get immediate relief from many common injuries and pain symptoms.

Request a
Pain Management
session and specify
length of session

Anytime, and EVERY time, your muscle pain is too great, see me for immediate results.

You'll experience a nurturing session that is energizing and pain-relieving.

I specialize in "medical" massage techniques. You'll walk out of the session feeling better for days and even weeks.

We'll work together to eliminate pain coming from compensation patterns, posture, and lifestyle.

Healing also comes from the knowledge I pass on to you about how your body works and things you can do at home to reduce pain.

Crippling back pain?

"Ice-Pick" pain between shoulder blades?

Recurring Headaches?
Headache is gone!

Low-back pain, unable to get out of bed, or bend over?
Your back feels flexible again.

You can stand—pain-free again!

Unable to turn your head due to neck pain?
The searing pain is gone!

and much more …

The session goal is to eliminate pain on a permanent basis.

Intuitive Massage Advanced Bodywork Skills for Men by Gay Male, Santa Rosa, CA 707-824-8700

Dickson Massage Therapist


I've been in a full-time massage practice since 2001.  With over 800 hours of massage training, from two great schools:

  • Alive & Well, Institute of Conscious Bodywork
  • Body Electric, School of Massage

Modalities and Techniques Practiced

  • Swedish / Relaxation / Stretching
  • Deep Tissue - removing fibrous / muscular "knots"
  • Bodywork - Overcome Your Pain! I'll work with any problem.
  • Hot Stones - I'll include automatically when you need it. Ask too!
  • Abused? Emotional and Trauma Recovery
  • Trigger-Point
  • Thai Massage - Experience a floor massage!
  • Shiatsu - Watsu - Accupressure
  • Watsu® (you supply the water at 98°F or more)
  • Neuromuscular Reprogramming (NMR) — NMR is a great way to permanently get rid of pain caused by recruitment patterns.

I'm Delighted You Visited

You will know immediately that I enjoy working with men, any age, shape & size, and with any level of physical or emotional needs.  I'm here to help you towards health and well-being. My intention in each session is to be entirely emotionally present for you.

One Goal of Mine is to Exceed your Expectations

It is my hope to personally master the skills that you need and that others aren't offering.  When your session has new techniques you've not experienced before and address your issues, that is when I know I'm doing my job for you.

Tips and Tipping

Your decision to tip or not tip  is up to you.  Generous tips encourage me to be generous too. When you know that you've received more than you would from anyone else, or had a special breath-through, then please tip me.  When you are a weekly regular client, please DO NOT tip me, unless something extraordinary happens for you.

If I need to improve, don't tip me.  Please don't automatically tip either.  I will honestly do better in the next session if you use the tip as a bottom-line means of communicating your satisfaction with me.


I am motivated to have you overcome pain.  I can work with you on many levels to help you. The more you tell me of what you want, the more you'll get exactly what you need. 
In pain?  I can help.

Personal Information

  • I am an Enneagram 8 with Wing 7  (the Challenger / Maveric) - the healing energy flows strongest between myself and 2's, 5's, 9's, 7's.
  • Chinese - "White Rat" (Yang / Metal / Practical )
  • Astrology - "Cancer" (Asc: Libra, Desc: Aries, Nad: Capricorn) Caring, supportive, and protective of others
  • I am single

When you come to my place:

  • Near downtown Santa Rosa, near the Montgomery Village Shopping Center


Experience & Credentials:

  • 2001-present Full-time massage practitioner
  • 2007 Regional Coordinator - - (I'm politically centrist)
  • 2007 Pachamama - Awakening the Dreamer Facilitator (I'm for advancing Spiritual Consciousness)
  • 1995-2001 President, Vital Business Solutions
  • 1995-1998 Consultant, Etrade Corp.
  • 1993-1995 Vice President, Tesseract Corp
  • 1992-1993 Consultant, VISA, CSAA
  • 1990-1992 Owner, Speech Solutions, a Touch-Tone Automated Voice Response (AVR) Technology Company
  • 1983-1990 Vice President, Information Systems Division, Charles Schwab & Co.
  • 1982-1983 Systems Programmer, Clorox
  • 1978-1982 Systems & Applications Programmer, Safeway Stores, Inc.

Additional Massage Styles Offered


When we were 13 my best friend said "tickle me" -- which I soon found out wasn't tickling at all. I didn't know what he meant or wanted.

He said, "Here, I will show you," and proceeded to place a single finger lightly on my face. His finger moved slowly, lightly, and in one direction, circling my face. After awhile, his finger would circle behind an ear, keeping his finger "tracing" in ever consistent "whirlpool" directions. Then it would move to the other ear. Then down the neck and on to the chest. And then the belly, a place with heightened sensivity to touch. Then the legs, and finally feet—but of course, it had to be done all over again from the feet back up to my face.

The feeling was hypnotizing. I was quickly in a trance. We did this every day as much as possible.

Don't think for a minute that it was sexual. For him, nothing except total immersion into hypnotic trance. For me, it took awhile to overcome by budding reaction to touching another unclothed person from head to toe my age. Within a few months I had the discipline to focus my attention—intently focused—on the other, and to be completely non-sexual. Quite a lesson to learn for a boy at 13.

Needless to say, I discovered that just about anyone and everyone enjoyed sitting beneath my trancing touch. I got to practice on as many as would let me.

As I grew older, and realized that I enjoyed touch of all kinds, I learned a lot of new exquisite methods. You will have to come see me and get acquainted with some of them.


Sports, athletic activities, daily physical exercise can contribute to the rapid failure of our bodies. Keeping a body in shape doesn't require that we beat it down until it complies to our will. Yet, the advanced gurus on the subject have the world believing that to gain there must be pain.

You may be such a person that ascribes to the above philosophy and treat your body as a resource to beat or force into submission. An athlete with an eye on performance wants two things: less pain, and better performance.

I can help. I can eliminate many of the common pain conditions: tennis elbow, runners ankle & foot, bikers knee & upper back, pitchers throw, swimmers stroke.

Even when you have suffered from an injury for a year, 5 years, 10 years, maybe more — most likely the pain can be eliminated in the first session or dramatically improved.

When it isn't pain, then it is performance that a sports athlete wants. I can take a person in a marathon losing endurance at the 19th mile and give them stamina until their 30th mile. Coming in 10th place on a bike race? I can get you to place or better.









Structural $ 50 / 30 minutes
$ 85 / 60 minutes
$ 125 / 90 minutes
$ 140 / 120 minutes


Full Body Stretches
Deep Tissue

Pain Management $2.00 / minute

Sessions are in
+15 minute increments

$ 30 / 15 minutes
$ 60 / 30 minutes
$ 90 / 45 minutes
$120 / 60 minutes


Techniques of the Structural will usually be incorporated, and
Sports & Athletes Massage,
Cross-Fiber Frictioning,
PNF Activations,
NMR Neuromuscular Reprogramming,
Trigger-Point Therapy

Schedule a Great Massage with Bodywork to Start Your Week! We Often Forget the Exquisite Joy of Touch

Making an appointment

View the calendar week below to see what dates & times are open for an appointment with you.

You look for open blocks of time that you would like,

  • and send me an email using the Contact Me form towards the end of this webpage. Be sure to include your date and time of your preferred session that matches my availability,
  • or, the best way to get in touch with me is to text me at my private cell phone 707-824-8700.

Same Day Appointments are USUALLY NOT AVAILABLE, even if the schedule may say it's open. 11am-7pm is a good time for appointments. Please book a few days in advance if you want a session to start in the evening at 7pm to 11pm--that way I'll work less in the early part of that day!


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